George Storage Park offers the following services and advice:


Suppliers of corrugated boxes, bubble wrap, tapes and plastic bags
Tel: 044 871 4475

Margot Swiss
Suppliers of industrial packaging materials
Tel: 044 871 2512


Wessel Landman
Tel: 044 382 5150 |  E-mail:

Johann Smit Makelaars
Tel: 044 871 2005  |  E-mail:

Removal and Transport:

Stuttaford Van Lines
Tel: 044 874 2120
Tel: 044 874 4372
Tel: 044 874 1172

A&J Removals Knysna
Tel: 044 382 3205
Albertinia Meubel Vervoer
Cel: 028 735 1470  

Storage Tips:

If your furniture or boxes are sensitive to the cold or heat, make sure they are on wooden pallets to facilitate the flow of air around them.

Wrap expensive furniture in plastic or bubble wrap to keep the dust out.

Open your store every 3 or 4 months to air your possessions.

Make sure your possessions are well insured.

Pack your items carefully with those that you might need closest to the door. We have had customers unpack their entire storage unit just to retrieve one box right at the back.

Moisture Management:

George has a unique weather pattern with over 750mm of rain per year, cold winters and hot summers. Short of air-conditioning each store, the only way to keep moisture out is to:

  • Air the storage unit frequently
  • Wrap expensive items in bubble wrap
  • Place a silicate inside the bubble wrap.

George Storage Park take pride in the services we provide for you our client.

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